Chalet English Channel 1960?

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I have a client requesting that we purchase & use "Chalet English Channel 1960". I have Paris & London 1960, and have found the rest of House Industries' set, but there's no "English Channel."

Any idea if this font exists, or what it might look like in order to offer an alternative?


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…there's no "English Channel."

Indeed; for Chalet La Manche 1960 would be more appropriate.
Perhaps such a face would be somewhere between London and Paris—interpolation?

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what it might look like

Shouldn't be the client the one which show it to you?
One possibility is that they had some pre/unreleased (or custom) version of Chalet.

Edit: as Nick said, it looks like a version between Paris and London:

You will need to contact House Ind. about it.

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Perhaps your client is just calling it by the wrong name.

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English Channel 1959: first hovercraft crossing.

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