Psd to Html issue.

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I am not an expert designer and actually learning designing. I have Psd template of a website and converting it to the Html format. In I have code almost everything well but i am getting issue in Navigation menu. I am using an image at the background of anchor text in the navigation bar. Image is of 25px height and it supposed to be shown on the hover. But i check after applying the css i can see the hover picture with 25px but instead background is stick with the size of actual size of text size of anchor text. Can anyone please help me in this? Thanks in advance.

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It seem that you are missing some point in the css Code. Like you must try using the css property for a tag "display:block" and "line-height: 25px". Hopefully it will resolve the issue. These are the comment issue while you try to convert your page Psd to Html or other format.

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1: Find a forum that concerns web development, not one that concerns type. 2: Maybe consider hiring someone who knows these things to do it for you, or teach you how.

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I think the first two posts are elaborate spam.

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I think the second one is a legit user of the forum. He has been around for a few months, at least, and has posted several times.

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Converting PSD files to HTML is the wrong way to go about doing it. That said, we still can't answer the question without seeing the markup and code, and this, as stated, is the wrong place for that. Try StackOverflow.

Or maybe it is just spam--albeit an intriguing one in that case.

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Or just muddled-up terms. There are a few sites that make available free website templates. These packs include a PSD file so users, if they have the proper app, can modify the pretty site banner. These sites sell modding and customising services, btw.

Aside: I have never tried to change images through pure CSS.

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Don — Jens was probably referring to posts which have since been eliminated as spam. This is the danger of responding to spam comments: once they’re removed, the response becomes either nonsensical or misleading. But we admins just don’t have the time to clean up responses to spam. It’s enough to keep up with the spam itself.

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