fonts from saveur magazine

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any thoughts on what both of these are?

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"PALEY'S" looks similar to Clarendon Serial Heavy
but the /L/E serifs are not so round,
while the text body is close to News 705 Roman

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The smaller text looks a lot like Chronicle by Hoefler & Frere-Jones, and they do sell it to magazines and newspapers. The larger type is some sort of Egyptian or Clarendon, maybe. Both styles are rather common and are hard to pinpoint with only the letters in this sample. If you have more samples available toyou, you could also try using the Serif Font ID Guide to narrow the search. Key letters in your sample were a, b, e, g, y and K. If you can find E, J, M, R, U and W that can help with the Key.

With these 6 letters I got 119 possibilities, many of which were easy to discard at a glance.

-Mike Yanega

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thanks! i think these are very close.

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Both the headline and the body copy are Sentinel, from H&FJ.

It's Saveur Day in the Type ID forum, apparently. :)

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thank you, i should have known that.

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