Angled Serfis, similar to Versailles and Fortescue...

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Who can Help identity this font? Does anyone know what foundry this is from? It's used on this site:
It has similarities to both Versailles and Fortescue.


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It resembles several fonts, including Vendome, but it may be a serif that has been customized by adding triangular serifs. The first font I thought of as looking like this was Matrix from Emigre, but the R is wrong. I think a lot of regular serifs would look like Matrix if they had their serifs covered by triangles. I searched for Latin Serif, but I think if there are other places where they use the same font (I'm not about to explore this site), maybe you should ignore the serif shape and use the Serif Font ID Guide to see if you can identify what they started from. The upper serif on the G seems like it was not modified and that might be a way to find the base font that was used (if my theory is right).

- Mike Yanega

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It looks like a customized Romana EF Medium by Elsner + FLake:

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