uh--- naming oddity

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a working title for a font I'm working on is "47HalfTon".

In every application it's be tested in the name shows up as listed above.

In InDesign, it is "74HalfTon".

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"Bad-ass" family name, more like!


fortunately, "47HalfTon" is just a working title.


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the oddity (i.e. funny thing) is that it works perfectly, but reverses the the digits in the name in IndDesign's font list.

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»Bad Family Name, must begin with an alphabetic character.«

I assume we're talking about OpenType fonts here; where in the OT specification is this restriction specified?

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AFAIK, the restriction that font names must begin with an alphabetic character only holds true for the PostScript Name.

Since there are various different name fields within a font, I suspect that you may have mistyped the name in one of those fields and that InDesign is getting the name from that field whereas other applications are getting the name from somewhere else. In FontLab, double check that the name used in the Font Names, OpenType-Specific Names, and Additional OpenType Names all contain 47 rather than 74 and that your PostScript Name is something like 'FortySevenHalfTon'.


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