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Hi, I'm looking for a font that would work well for a martial arts studio. I attached a logotype that I like. Does anyone know what font this is?

Also, are there other fonts that you could recommend for martial arts studio for us in the US?

Thanks much

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Any particular kind of martial art?

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What do you want to emphasize? The fact that it's Eastern,
that it's good exercise, that it's good for the soul, or what?


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Thanks for asking specifics. This is for a video company but the client requests a unique ninja symbol and wants to tie in a martial arts style logotype. It is Ninjutsu, the Japanese Martial art specifically.

The type I am looking for is in the wording Kuzushi in above sample not in the slogan type.

Thanks kindly,


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Greg Samata T-26 Ramiz Bold

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Thanks much, that one works well. Appreciate it much.

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