Gotham-esque with humanist flavour and alternate G & Y - solved: AW Conqueror Sans

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I would like to know which typeface this is:

(Bigger versions here)

It's both the all caps and the numbers I'm after; not sure if they're the same font though. My gut says the G and the Y in the gold text are stylistic alts, but they could have been altered by the designer.

Actually, any suggestions for a similar, non-geometric font (i.e. not like Avant Garde or Futura) with a round G like that would be welcome. I found these so far, but they're not quite what I'm looking for (yes, I'm picky):

Calibre by Klim
Verlag (w/ alternate G) by HFJ
Neutraface 2 by House Industries



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How about Clearview Text?

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I like Graphik.

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Both are very nice, thanks! But I would still like to know what the one in the image is...

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Found another one: PF Encore Sans from Parachute. I like this one best so far; better suited for logo/display.

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You can also try ARS Maquette which has a truckload of surprising alternates, though not the ones you are looking for.

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Surprisingly so, with 1195 glyphs! But really it's more the proportions and the spurless, roundish G that I like in the sample. And the fact that the center of the M doesn't touch the baseline. Still not quite there, but much appreciated!

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Recta, by Canada Type (just posting as I find 'em, for completeness' sake).

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And of course there are alternates in/different cuts of Proxima Nova with a round G. But who can identify the typeface(s?) in the image above?

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It's AW Conqueror Sans. Of course I had it all along, since it is (or was?) free to download! And yes, it has an alternate G and an alternate Y, plus the curvy sevens and all. Thanks for the suggestions for alternatives!

Moved and marked as solved.

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