Unusual 4 on about 1960s Swiss watch

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After looking through more than 5000 fonts local & online and trying
"What The Font" (nearest match was Kade medium), I hope one of you guys knows
what font was used here for the outer numbers.

Thank you for having a look at it.

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For the other numbers except the 4 (Kade would be a good match) it's reminds me something like Square 721.

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FYI, numbers on watches are frequently custom designs, not from a font.

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@Mark: Do you think those custom design has a link with the company name? I can read “AQUAD“ on the image but I'm not sure.

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Thank you for your answers, very helpful, much appreciated!


Square 721 is a very good match. I was so messed up by the 4...

@Mark Simonson

Very good point, did not know that. Altering Square 721 in Illustrator will fit.

Case solved :-)

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Square 721 = clone of Eurostile

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@sim: Probably, but I don't know many details. I know that Gerard Huerta has done custom dial designs (including the numbers) for Swatch or some other watch company.

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Thanks Mark.

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