title font "need a beat"

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At first I thought it was custom but then I came across another design with the same typeface. Any thoughts?


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You can check Do not eat this Italic by Jakob Fischer
but I still believe this must be custom or heavily customized.

Can you upload an image of the second design you encountered?

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Hmmm, yea that's pretty close. Thanks for replying. Here's the other design I noticed with what looks to be the same face. I'm wondering if they are using artificial italics in both samples.


Maybe it's the same designer reusing his own custom typeface. How sweet would it be if those were opentype swashes though.

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There was certainly some distorting and customization involved.
A good starting point could be Labtop Secundo Bold or Labtop Unicase:


Not a perfect match, but I hope it helps...

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Labtop is great. A good base font. Thanks!

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