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I'm looking for details on "roundingUFO", which I found
out about thanks to Ahrens's book on optical scaling.

Does it really add trapping to outlines automatically?


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Hrant, there's a demo version:

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So who uses it in actual production? Results?


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Looks good. Is anyone working on something like this as a fontlab plugin? I would buy it

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There is a somewhat similar round corners FL plugin by BetaType posted somewhere in this forum, but you have to apply it glyphs by glyphs, as opposed to an entire font.

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IIRC Rounding UFO was developed to create the Unit Rounded family by creating two masters with different rounding values for each font and then interpolating a series with Superpolator to get the best results. And Linotype seems to have used it to hack out a crapload of rounded versions of classic fonts, although the successfulness of those designs is debatable.

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