Strange behavior on Microsoft Word with OT/TT family

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Hi typophiles,

I'm on the testing-stage of a font family (consisting of four fonts), but have problems to make it work well under Microsoft Word. My family's Italic version shows up as default (Italics are deactivated), and there is no way of getting the Regular version on the page. When I turn on "Italics", I get a slanted version of my Regular font. Bold works, but Bold Italic is again slanted. This concerning the OT version. The TT family shows similar results. I have tested my family in two Windows machines, and there is no difference.

I have tested the font on Mac apps like TextEdit, InDesign and Photoshop and it works flawlessly. WordPad on Windows is also ok.

I have tested my fonts with fontQA (no worrying output) and used the Karsten Luecke font naming convention.

Any suggestions?

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It did the trick! The key was PANOSE! I evidently had some PANOSE identification inconsistencies, which caused all this formatting problems, for both OT and TT.

Thank you Jan!

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Great :)
Thanks go to Peter Baker et al.

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