Vyaz lettering

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Hello all,
I am working on Russian playing card for kids and I decided to use Vyaz as decorative style for the back of the card . Any feedback is appreciated.
Thanks ,

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Do more with the central black rectangle. Because it is a regular shape with so much negative space it looks like a strange mistake, as if the artist accidentally dropped a black block into the design.

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Bad rhythm. Strange inconsistencies. Anatomical errors. Few uncontrolled, negative spaces.

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The black background does not equate with children playing cards/having fun. Loosen things up; lighten them up.

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Thanks guys ! good comments . Will update it soon.

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Vyaz’ is not just another decorative style. It finds its use in, and is generally limited to, the opening pages of the clerical books (including Gospels), icon painting, various holy vessels, church bells, gravestones, monumental lettering, and the like. Both Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches strongly disapprove gambling. I personally find the use of vyaz in playing card design rather inappropriate.

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Maybe I have not explaining this right . I am working on heritage language educational material for kids growing up in the US from different countries. The main objective of the playing card / flash card is teaching the alphabet for kids. I called it playing card because you can play the cards by matching the colors . BTW the image has to be as authentic as possible .
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I personally don't like gambling no matter how it's decorated.
But cards don't have to be used for gambling. And if I were into
promoting religion I would find this to be a clever avenue. Like
how Apple donates computers to elementary schools.


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I must say that, as an adult, my personal taste appreciates the complexity of the design. And yet, one can only wonder why such an esoteric lettering style was chosen as a backboard (of sorts) for the most fundamental level of learning? Would this not be similar to writing complicated mathematical equations on the back of flash cards for children learning basic addition?

In this design case (still applies): Loosen up; Lighten up.


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@ Hrant , How are you ? Long time Hrant ... (What was your personal e-mail?)
I always like what you have to say . I chose to do play cards to give parents and kids to do something together. I thought Parents can teach their children their heritage language in non formal setting and incrementally thru a game.

@ Theo Thanks, nice suggestions, will post my latest work this week .
As designers sometimes we have to design things out of our cultural boundaries, Which should appeal to the intended audience. In this project I have to do Persian and Kenyan teaching material too. I think it would be nice to have discussion here on typophie what is authentic ,what is global and what is universal . By universal I mean like a comment you made "the black background which does not equate with children playing card"
What do you think?

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>"the black background which does not equate with children playing card"

This is just the backs, isn't it?

It looks "serious", as in those expensive Magic the Gathering cards or some high stake poker game -- not "fun". "Serious" does appeal to children, but I would say it depends on the design of the fronts (*). Are those featuring low-rez Little Doggy/Red Ball/Happy Sunshines in primary colours, or do they match the stark design of the backs?

(*) Design-wise. I assume you know who your target audience is -- if this is for 6-8 yrs old I would totally advise against yellow/white-on-black, geometric, bleak, uncompromising, astute, "serious".

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Aleme, since this has nothing to do with Ge'ez I didn't realize
that was you! :-) Nice to "see" you again. My email is the same,
but I'll email you now in case you haven't kept it.

Check out the superb subtlety in the flag of Iran, which repeats
"allaahu akbar" in a "bitmap" design forming thin white lines.

BTW, "serious" can indeed appeal to kids, although
at least in the US mostly to boys (unfortunately).


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""serious" can indeed appeal to kids, although at least in the US mostly to boys"


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Sorry, I just had to clean it up a bit...

...I like the concept, but I don't like the execution. The radius corners, the hollow corner flourishes, and I imagine those central things are a place holder for now? And the exaggerated ascender(?) seems gimmicky. Is that done simply to frame a central whatever?

Looking forward to your revisions.

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