Thought it was Sign Painter House Casual, but. . .

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the lowercase r doesn't match. Any suggestions?

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hmm, looks the same to me. Brand Design/SignPainter HouseCasual

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If you're comparing it to examples on House's site, they would be using the version of the "r" that's meant to be used in the middle of a word, which flows seamlessly from the previous letter. The "r" in the settings above is the default, but that's because the other one would look weird alone or at the beginning of a word. The substitution should happen automatically in OpenType-savvy apps. The original version was pre-OpenType and actually came with a special program that would do the substitutions for you.

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Mr. Simonson, I did indeed use the online sampling tool on House's site. Thank you very much for the outstanding explanation. I sincerely appreciate it.

DPape, while testing the House sampling tool, I neglected to uncheck the ligatures under the more options button. Silly me. Thank you very much as well, for confirming this sample is Sign Painter HouseCasual.

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