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Though it may not be leaving the whoosh-esque them very far behind, at least i'm trying to make it half as cheesy.


A disc golf startup(non-profit for now) that is focusing on developing stronger leagues and ridding the sport of the drug/stoner image.

Thoughts are welcome with open arms. Don't be afraid to kick either.


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Josh I haven't a clue what disc golf is? Please provide more information. Like how your logo will be used. Your current logo could be for anything. It conveys nothing.

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Disc golf = golf with frisbees...usually equated with stoners. (Which I always felt was part of its appeal ;o)

As for the logo, Is this a governing body type of thing or more of a marketing/PR entity for the sport as a whole?

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I started playing in the early eighties but never played high. Watching the development of the discs was great. Soft squishy discs for putting, discs for drives and approach. Different styles, purchased based on the gram weight.

I like the mark. You might work with the line quality and mirror the fats and skinnies of the type. Maybe a little more smooth. Some of the inside turns seem more abrupt than the type.

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Daniel-that was a very good reaction. I don't know if any mark or even wordy display of characters really fully explain disc golf regardless of how simple it is. It is literally frisbee golf, with a circular disc thrown into a basket of sorts.

Your observation about what is the mark conveying is exactly what i'm asking myself. Is it enough? Do the type and mark feel cohesive? The real problem is all the competitors rely on the swoosh factor. We all know some peoples thoughts about swoosh-esque mark. Something I may or may not have avoided.

Darrel-you are also correct. That is the image or at least to some. This is for a non-profit org that is trying to progress the way leagues and tournaments are run and improving the overall image by leading by example. I have really had to do alot of kicking and fighting to make sure my friend understands how the overall image and goals must meet in the middle. Hopefully we can shed that image of the stoner dude sport.

James-Thanks for the critique. It is by no means perfect or in the long run the final version. Hopefully something better will come about.

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In the logo line of work you must remember that the logo is but a signature, it is what surrounds it that makes the communication. A good logo (and name) only serve as a point of reference, something people will associate with you, once they know who you are. It need not even draw them to you, though it is nice when it does. Your surrounding materials (from posters to sign up sheets) tell them you're serious. Refining your current mark is all you really need to do to have that first step toward a respectable sport.

Why is it named "core?" Sometimes an association like this might have a little tagline that it can lock up for communications to people who have no idea what's going on.

Keep the mark abstract, like you have it. It's endearing and simple. Looks to me like a disc in the basket, or two different sized discs, or one in motion

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Josh explain the Core name, is it an acronym. If it is you might, at first, use the full name under Core. I wouldn't dismiss golf related motifs the PGA and its industry have invested millions of dollars into getting people to reconize "Golf" icons. I would research what they have done and what works. As for the mark over Core it looks like a double halo and is stagnate. Not like something moving or something in a basket. Good start keep going.

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No it is not an acronym. The name Core came about as we spoke about what the organization wanted to do. Core felt the need to act in ways that establish stronger professional standards and organizational structure in the sport of disc golf. Though the word 'core' has different definitions, many fit very well to the mission.

By defintion:

Core - The basic or most important part, a reactor core(which is more about creation and action)<- which is our plan also.

The name doesn't have the punch of a well...Punch(A neopolitan pizza joint), yet it is a strong word that one can define, associate meaning and as an added bonus also allows circular motifs to be used if needed. It may be a bit dry, but give us a little time and we'll see what comes of it.

I am on the boat that naming is very hard. One of our goals though was not to use 'disc'(ie: Discraft, Disc N Dat)in the name and avoid swooshes(flight paths, rainbows, whatever).

I also agree with you both and try to practice and preach that a mark should be great at the beginning and add value through sales or exposure. Unfortunately, being a side project it takes a back burner at times.

In the meantime I will take all this great feedback and see if I can put it to use.

Web presence: http://www.corediscgolf.com

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