Wikipedia phonetics typeface

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Does anybody know when did Wikipedia change the main IPA/phonetics typefaces from SIL's to Microsoft's? And why?

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Not the best day to ask this question :)

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My guess is that the current policy is that Wikipedia content should not specify fonts and allow the browser to select an appropriate font. So maybe in the past some content specified a proprietary font, but now they let the client choose. Perhaps your browser lets you choose which font should be used for a given range? If so you can pick the appropriate font for IPA.

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I am currently using Firefox 6.0.2 on the Mac and there is an interesting option. In the settings on can specify a favourite custom font for text display, and the website-specific proprietary font-choosing can be disabled. Those two functions together cause the browser to render all text content in the font of your own selection.
It then comes out that a Wikipedia-site such as the one on Phonetics is a veritable tester for the performance of a given font.

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