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Hi all.

I recently suffered a computer failure. :(
I lost a few fonts I'm having to replace. Thankfully I was able to retrieve a very valuable font to me. But somehow they got slightly damaged. Certain fonts in the Interstate family lost their proper name/file info. They all install, but don't show up.
For instance, installing Regular shows up as regular. Installing Regular Italic doesn't show up at all, but is listed in the fonts folder in C:\Windows\Fonts.
I want them to be properly named again. Could anybody do this or teach me how to fix this error? I have no idea where to start.

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If the files are physically damaged -- say, part of them are missing or overwritten with random garbage -- it's virtually impossible to "repair" them. Even getting to find out what's wrong with them is difficult for a pro, let along having to guess what there was in the first place.

Have your original bill ready and contact your font supplier for replacement files.

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The problem with getting a replacement is that I purchased them years ago and I no longer have any "proof of purchase". They still have their Copyright information and display name in windows explorer. So I know which font is which. The computer doesn't. Thanks for the reply.

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Contact them anyway.. most font sellers keeps clients databases

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Are we sure this is not a case of style linked fonts and not understanding how they work?

Does the italic font show up correctly in Adobe Creative Suite apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign?

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