Ghostface Killah

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just a one-off logo i did for an ad. thoughts?

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Hi Kevin ...the things that stand out at first glance:

* the GH connector seems to makes that letter pair too heavy
and unbalanced, imo.

* the T appears standing on tiptoe. It feels like it should
extend lower.

* the S looks a little bit leaning forward.

* having a Ghostface treatment and right under it
Ghostface plain seems a bit jarring (but I see that
it's necessary).

can we see the rest of the ad? or know how it's being used?


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i dont have much time to respond at the moment, so below is the logo in context. some random crazy guy off the street just walked into our office and started throwing around office machinery and kicking in walls. goodtimes, i love my job!

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I like the idea of changing the ghost silhouette. Real quick... how about something like this?

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the 't' bothers me the most. i'd really like to see that go lower.
but i like the black sillhouette better. maybe add eyes to it?

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What if the -ghost silhouette- was lightened up? Too much? I agree with you, BJ, about the -GH- appearing too heavy.

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Seeing it in context I retract my idea about screening the ghost out. Can you add space in between the -GH- combination? The -T- does seem to sit too high.

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