embed svg pictures on typophile forums

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Is there a possibility to embed svg pictures on the forum? Or are there good (technical?) reasons not to include svg's?
With svg one just could zoom in so gorgeously!

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Well let's find out.
From Wikipedia commons:

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Works for me on the iPad, live zooming and all.

Mind you, SVG is not nearly as good supported as, say, PNG. Maybe you can remember the good old days when the latest Internet Explorer could not display most transparent PNGs (what was it, the version before the current one?). My iPad runs Safari, or something quite close to it, and has no problems with an SVG. Other browsers may need a plugin for this.

[Edit].Ooh I just Googled for "typography filetype:svg" to find an appropriate image. Lots of interesting stuff, all in gorgeous scaling vector format.
You'd have to try if they work with uploading to Typophile's Upload Image function -- it seems it's a bit buggy lately.

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On my Mac it works fine with Safari, but with Firefox the graphic doesn't appear at all.

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Same with IE8 on Windows 7 -- it shows the "missing graphic" graphic. That's without any additional plugins.

Wikipedia on SVG:
"Native support became partially available in Internet Explorer 9 (the current version of IE, as of March 2011)."
"Internet Explorer, up to and including IE8, was the only major browser not to provide native SVG support."

According to that same page, lost of other browsers are reported to 'partially' and 'incompletely' support SVG.

I guess that's your answer.

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How-to for other dummies like me:

1. Save your SVG somewhere in the internet (e.g. http://www.w3.org/Icons/SVG/svg-logo-h.svg)
2. Use the url in the following html tag:

<img src="http://www.w3.org/Icons/SVG/svg-logo-h.svg" />

3. You can put this code snippet anywhere in your comment. You will get

Thank you very much Theunis!

I would find it cool, if svg pictures were also allowed under the "Insert image" button.

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