Kickstarter launched for a new bevel typeface.

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Hey, All.
I run a design and printmaking studio in Minneapolis called Aesthetic Apparatus and we've just launched a Kickstarter campaign that I thought (hope) most some of you may find interest in. We are attempting to reconstruct a beveled typeface that we created for a side project into a working overlapping digital font.

Here's the typographic-money-pleading below:

And a big ol' sample image:


-Dan Ibarra
Aesthetic Apparatus

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Oh, come on!

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Yeah, what Frode said.

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Beautiful face, Dan. I hope you get the funds you're aiming for.

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Best of lucks

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The two colour overlay concept looks promising, good luck with the funding.

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Thanks, all. So far so good. We're halfway towards our goal!

Apologies for the crass money-grubbing here, Frode, if that's what the "come on" is in regard to.

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Curious how that hatching is going to work at the round corners...

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I’m trying hard not to be snarky, but alas.

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Why kickstart this typeface when there’s Detroit? Why kickstart a typeface at all?

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I gotta be well short of awake. My first thought was "An Amiga font?"

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It’s easy to be skeptical about Kickstarter if one just looks at the merits of a typeface proposal, vis-a-vis what is already available.

However, Kickstarter is a way for customers to become involved with a type designer's studio/foundry, especially through custom and short-run specimens, and even in some cases with sponsor-initiated design features.

How a Kickstarter typeface proposal fares likely has a lot to do with how well the proposal is presented, and how effectively the various sponsor benefits are configured.

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Oh, yeah. We're aware of Detroit as well as M&K's equally accomplished Prismatic. What I hope makes this face original in it's own right is that we are coming at it from the perspective of printmakers (screenprinters, speficically.) So by including actual hatching into the face we are attempting to pull off just as successful a bevel in this face with two colors whereas others require three or more. We have most DEFINITELY come at typography from a weird direction, beginning with screenprinted artwork and then attempting a font design from that. But I like to think that (in addition to Nick's assessment of Kickstarter) the site is also somewhat of an incubator for attempts at new ideas and uncharted territory, which is definitely what we are up to here.

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…new ideas and uncharted territory…

LettError has already mapped quite a bit of territory with Federal, exploring the concept and technique of crosshatching in a PostScript typeface.

Are you working with a really large em square? (Not the standard 1000 units.)

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Federal is impressive, although of course it is not necessarily the same kind of study that we're trying to do here.

Right now VALUCO is within a standard em square, although I am wondering if I need to expand that or attempt to reduce the quantity of hatching within our shadow. The letterform is admittedly "ultra-display" and only really effective after 72 pt.

In process…

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