A little help if you would

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Hello All,

I am having a complete mental blank and would greatly appreciate id's on the faces in the logo.

Many thanks in advance.


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Franklin Gothic.

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My thanks.

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As Jan said, the first approach is ITC Franklin Gothic LT Demi for "CARERS" and ITC Franklin Gothic Book for "RIGHTS DAY"
It's an almost perfect match except of the little inclination on capital /C ends.

If you want a better match for /C you can try Moby Dick 10 Bold for "CARERS" and Moby Dick 12 for "RIGHTS DAY"
(Cambridge Fontworks)

Edit: I see there is at least one cut of Franklin Gothic having the correct /C, so there is no need to look for a different font.

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Now that is attention to detail.
My thanks.

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