"Masterful" Typesetting

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An article from the Wall Street Journal on "mouse type" and the art of unreadability:

It's Not Your Eyes…the Fine Print Is Getting Really, Really Small

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Of course it is a challenge to pack a full contract into the tiny box of a mobile phone. But that’s no excuse.
Time for a *typographically correct* movement –?

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Hi Dan

As it says in the article, such contractual small print is only unreadable because the originator doesn't want the end-user to read it. Other instances of small print can be perfectly readable; the x-height of the body type in the following image is about .6mm, and it was photographically reduced from a larger set size to get it down to this (‘A Book is Made’ printed by Jarrold & Sons, Norwich, UK for an exhibition by the Federation of Master Printers in the 1980s). Apologies for the picture quality.

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