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i was asked to make a logo for a sort of productionhouse called dp productions, they do audio, video and multimedia. This is what i got so far:


I'm not happy with the results, one it feels more like a postal service logo or something
second, the font for the letters.

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I think this is cool :
you could try to spin the dp mark up,
or use it like the s, but take care with
the Arial, it could end up looking Fascist ! lol


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a little more satisfied, but still...

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the mark makes a lot of sense - for a production house. print the mark out and draw over the top of it all the ways you could make the d and p connect. I am seeing vhs, reel to reel, 35mm film from above...lots to go on here - i think the wordmark below is way too small compared to the large size of the logo. also I would try some variations with the typeface on the wordmark. Does it have to be sanserif? could you add something if dp was sans and productions was serif?

good luck.

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I like the latest logo version, but would like to suggest a few tiny modifications...

1) Try to smooth the ending strokes of the big "d" and "p". This would make it more into a symbol, but still crisp clear and readable letters. As it is now these strokes distract my eyes a bit.

2) Skip "dp" on the bottom line and increase "productions" to harmonize size-wise with the symbol above.


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ok thanks mates!
more constructive critism here than on newstoday ;)

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