Seeking typeface recommendations for a good cause

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I'm working on a pro-bono logo for an indigenous women's co-op that makes and sells traditional Mayan textiles, down here in Central America. They've all been victims of physical abuse, abandoned by their husbands and left to fend for themselves and their kids. My wife is helping them get their stuff to market, I'm helping them improve their identity.

What I would love from any of you type wizards is suggestions for is a typeface- free or not- that immediately screams: "intricate masterfully hand-sewn embroidered goods!" I really like Expletive Script (attached below) but I've had some feedback that it doesn't reduce well.

So far my only other contender is Hennepin,

Thank you for your help!

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I don't think either of these are what you're looking for. What's the name of the co-op?

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Wonder if something like GemFonts’ Monarchia is close.

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fig script and November Script are similar geometric monoline scripts, but while they fit the embroidery bit, I'm not sure they says handmade or intricate.

How about something more organic, like So Prolix or Chic Hand?

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