Embossing & Debossing

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What's a general price for having something embossed on say, a business card?

What's involved in the process?

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The price would depend on the complexity of your emboss. Call your local dependable printer for a quote.

As far as the process goes, your film will be out put to film, if it is not direct to plate that is, in the appropriate color separations plus an additional separation for your emboss. If you are doing a two color job think of the emboss as a third plate, or color.

Once this extra piece of film is output your printer will either make the emboss themselves or will send it to some magical place where they make such things.

Usually it is made of some sort of metal though I have seen some polymer ones.

After you file is printed it will be pressed against this piece of metal and there you have an embossed piece.

Multilevel embosses cost more.

Get me out of this nut shell.


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