Calling all Typophiles with a camera!

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Hello Typophiles!

We are currently organizing the next exhibition in our Berlin gallery space and are looking for your photographic contributions.

Most of us are avid collectors of interesting type and lettering, photographing the variety of letters we find in our everyday lives (even more so now thanks to our iPhones and other various smart phones). Our upcoming show titled "New Vintage Digital Vernacular Letters" will showcase the huge variety of beautiful letters from all over the world that are encountered and archived.

The deadline is coming up quickly – you have 2 weeks to create some new images or to send us some existing finds. All images need to be received by Wednesday, January 25th to be included.

You simply need to snap some photos and email them to and include your name (as you'd like it to be displayed on our website and in the show) and an optional link to your website.

The only requirements are that the images be square, the main subjects are type, and that they are your original photos.

More information is available here. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

We look forward to seeing your images! And please feel free to help spread the word!

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Question: does the lettering really have to be recent and/or digital?


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Hey Hrant,

The original concept was to simply build the show up with Instagram/Hipstmatic/or similar types of images sent in mostly via users' phones… The technology aspect is the main thread tying together the rather general topic of 'photos of found type'.

However, type is the most important aspect, so I'm hesitant to turn away any special photos... Maybe I will need to adjust the title and concept some.

You could always just take a new photo of one of your older photos :P

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I get it.

Well, I do have an old film camera... but no funky/expired film for it. :-)
And I don't have a cellphone. (No, I'm not kidding.)

But I do have the perfect old sign to take a photo of, so I'll just
try my luck with that. And then there's this incredible thing:
Of which I could take a photo of how it looks now (with the bottom-left fixed).


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“New Vintage” is messing with my mind! (Imagining WC Fields in the New Old Lompoc House…)
Unless “vintage digital” refers to pics I took with my first digital camera 10 years ago (RDC-7, Hrant!).
I’ll have a look see.
Here’s one:

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Here's another...

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IMHO, Folks come up with such grand ideas should come up with more time for them to hatch.

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Thanks David. This one is already several weeks ahead in preparations compared to our last few shows :P

But it's always a balancing act... the gallery, shop and type faces all demand a lot of time. Luckily, this exhibition will be up for a bit longer than normal which will give more time for the next two shows to get properly organized (maybe there will be a font release in there sometime too).

You still have just over a week to send us some of your photos! Get to it! We'd love to have you here.

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I did miss seeing Sangue in that blackletter show.


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