New book, "Type Navigator" from Gestalten Verlag

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Curious if anyone has read this new book, "Type Navigator" by Jan Middendorp. I loved his history of design in Den Haag ("HA,"), and of course the amazing "Dutch Type" book from 010 publishers.

Here's some more info.

Also, what's up with that CDROM? 100 typefaces? Are those just visual references or am I smelling some kinda deal here...(shameless, I know).

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Participants were asked to provide fonts and information for the specimen pages.
Having fonts on the CD was optional, with participants choosing which.
(Disclaimer: Shinntype is included in the book, but we declined to put fonts on the CD; I don’t recall why.)

This kind of arrangement is similar to Indie Fonts, although in that publication participants also created editorial pages (custom for an introductory page, and adapting a template for specimen pages), whereas in Type Navigator the design is entirely by the publisher.

Jan Middendorp’s previous “foundry compilation” book, Creative Characters, has no bonus font CD.

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I haven't read or seen Type Navigator but I do have the Middendorp title "Dutch Type" a fabulous book.

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Thanks Nick. Looking forward to picking this up. I'm going to have to find a CD drive...

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I also love the book Dutch Type and therefore, I bought the book Type Navigator. It gives a good overview of many small and independent foundries. Even though I thought I know many foundries, it is impressive to see the variety of fresh new fonts. I really recommend buying this book.

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