Font from the title of Kaurismaki's Ariel

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I'm looking for the font from the title of Kaurismaki's film Ariel.

Thank you.

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Similar to Bodoni Campanile:

Great movie, by the way :-)

Edit: I think Elongated Roman is the right one:

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...also very close to Onyx MT
which is in his turn similar to Bodoni Poster Compressed

PS: Ricardo, the lower part of /E & /L does not match very well to Elongated Roman

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the lower part of /E

Yes, you’re of course right. And it applies to the Upper part too.

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Very popular design. Must have 13 different names, including:

URW/Arsis D

Linotype LT/Arsis Com Regular

Bitstream BT/Onyx BT

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