What's your favorite tool?

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What are your favorite tools when designing type? Do you have a favorite type of pen, brush, pencils, papers?


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Emilie, I think that the best tool is: the brain...

Happy works...

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I couldn't live without my erasers.


But Paco is right.
"Think with your brain." TM

(Hey, is it cool that the image looks tilted or what.)


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Really smart...
first tool: brain
second tool: paper and pencil
third tool: mac with freehand 7 + phontographer 4

Warm regards...

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I use a frying pan.

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since i'm only a ripoff artist... the scanner. LOL

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It does look tilted... god darn optical illusions making me dizzy... :-)

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My favorite tool is my eyes

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I enjoy sketching with an H pencil on butter paper. For a fihished sketch I usually use a sharp 6H pencil.

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Here is a typeface I am working on.
I am waiting for PanLab 5.
What do you think about the kerning ?

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Okay, but hej, I remember I posted this image
in an old thread 'weapon of choice,' I could
not find the link. Anyway here is my image :

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Hrant, not only erasers we have :-)

Staedler fineliner

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Rustam, check out my post #5975 here:


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Oho. Notable pencil.

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Don't forget the CNS and an endocrine system for flavor. A brain by itself won't help much. Skin is good

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paco, that was a pretty *smart* answer.

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