Letra Redonda of Juan Claudio Aznar de Polanco?

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Before I design more than one letter ;-) (using ff) I should also ask here, if anyone already had created this font digitally.

It's the "Letra Redonda" proposed by "Juan Claudio Aznar de Polanco" in the book "Arte nueva de escribier" (Madrid 1719), (can be found at books.google version one / two)

The scan below shows:

a b c d e f l g h (described as y???)) (i, not described in text) m n o p q r s t u (alternative p????) v x y z
A B(+R+P derived from it) C D E F G H (I? described as L in text?!) M N O Q (alternative R) (another alternative R?!) S T V-Corazon (alternative V) X (alternative L??) (J??? looks more like Z) (alternative F?)

Some letters are missing, some should be modified, that readers of today can read them ;-) But it looks as a font that it is worth to digitize, if no one else has done it yet ...

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oops, wrong part of forum? ;-)
Sorry ...

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Yes, you should move the thread (using the "edit" link) to the Type ID Board (now it’s in » Type ID FAQ and Posting Guidelines).

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Ah ... the only forum, where normal users can do it ... ;-) Thanks!

a, c and e are already designed ... ;-)

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