Dracula 1992 Film Title Logo

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Does anybody know what the typeface is for the title "Dracula"?

I'm creating a genre mash-up with this poster. I would appreciate the help!

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With the 2 different a's, I don't think it's a font:
Maybe try for a replacement:

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The two a-s are different - I think this is hand-drawn.

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Agree with previous comments. If I clearly remember, it’s a custom job by Margo Chase. A good alternative would be Buffied.

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I noticed the a's too, but decided to give it a try.

Thank you everyone! The Buffied typeface though, is pretty close. Thank you!

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Even closer is Nocturus by SnatchSoft. Musta been done after from the poster! Only 37 letters.

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Oh hey! It is almost like the logo, but it's missing a lotta letters. Thanks!

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