Design and homossexuality

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Hello, this is my first post in this forum. I´m posting were because me and a friend of mine are doing the following research:

We're working on a project about the relations between communication and homossexuality. More specifically, the way homossexuality/bissexuality was present, revealed or treated by Western Culture media along History. We're searching for images/videos which could possibly illustrate those different periods and the different society/political/cultural reactions towards homossexuality (acceptance, condemnation, or tolerance). This image research has a focus on magazines, books, campaigns, movies, documentaries, products, publications and other media which had in the past and has nowadays an influence on the public perception about this topic. We're looking not only for mainstream media but also media more directed to the gay community, to analyze/compare inside-community and global perceptions.

If anybody can help us with some resources, we appreciate.

Thanks a lot

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