Making a Font Portfolio

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In my eternal quest to try to make some money off of my fonts, I'd like some advice on putting
together a font portfolio. What I have attached here are two sample pages - a very rough start.

Feel free to comment on the fonts within, but what I'm really after is advice on what I should do about
making whatever fonts I do include look their best, and making me look my best.

And how useful would something like this be?

application/pdfPage for text-ish font
TinDoghouse 1.pdf (25.5 k)

application/pdfPage for display fonts
Radian Quilljoy 1.pdf (25.8 k)

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Hi Darren,

Depending on your goal, it's difficult to comment on what you're doing.

If you aim to make a buck, you need only shop specimens to distribution outfits or put the fonts through . . .

If you aim to get hired as a font designer, specimen sheets will help but any foundry would insist on reviewing the font files.

If you're asking what is the best way to set up a specimen sheet, I'd say look through all the online photo galleries from different type design shows like Typecon, TDC, etc.

Many folks tend to emulate the House/Font Bureau formula of words in use as phrases at different scales along with a character showing to demonstrate the completeness of the font and consistency of the letterforms.

Hope this helps refine your question somewhat . . .

Stuart :D

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