Packers Typeface?

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Happy New Year, everyone!

I'm searching for the font the NFL and the Packers use for some promotional items.

I also included another file for further clarification.

Here's what I've got so far... Dispatch is pretty darn close. I'm assuming it's a custom version of Dispatch? Look at the E and C, they are both different, while most other glyphs are spot on. The C is critical for my researching purposes, that's the only reason why I'm not going to purchase Dispatch. I don't like how hard the counter-form is.

I might have to just customize it myself for this project but it would be nice to have a typeface to use where I don't have to alter characters.

Thanks for any help!

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Similar with:
Prelo Slab Extra Bold

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Should be Endzone (Slab), NFL's proprietary typeface designed by Chester Jenkins at Bespoke Type.

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Thank you guys!

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It's a shame someone didn't bother to kern the FA in "Faithful."

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