Hexa (free font)

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Dear fellow typophiles,

I've just made my font Hexa freely available on my site and you're all very welcome to try it if you like. I'll be grateful if you let me know what you think and send me a sample, should you use it for something.

A Happy New Year to all of you
& best regards from Budapest,

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Nice, but could use some further development. Why don't you start a thread in the critique section?

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Thanks, I did that actually, and received some pretty useful feedback. I'll try to incorporate these in the next version, but I'm not sure when I'll have time for that and wanted to see what people think about it.

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Reminds me somewhat of Fracmetrica

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Rightly so. I was made aware of the resemblance at Typografie.info. Although the construction principles are quite different, the result is remarkably similar.

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