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I am learning FontLab, trial and error. When I exported a Mac Suitcase, there came a message saying something about the "R" not having all curves connected, the R was left out from the font and, in the glyph panel, the "R" became highlighted in red.

See image:
Screen dump of red highlight

Since that, I've tried to make the highlight disappear. Now, the "R" is included when I generate suitcases, there seems to be no open curves and I've done all I can come to think of: still, the red highligtning is still there.

Can you tell me why?

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Control Click on the red glyph; a contextual menu will pop up onscreen; scroll down to the submenu color section and select "none". You can use this menu for multiple glyphs and color code them as desired as an organizing tool.


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Thanks! Good to know there wasn't a bigger problem ...


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