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Once more into the breach.

A first cut at an ID program for a mutual fund company for local investment in local companies.

Your suggestions, and critiques, are invited.

application/pdfMetgrow logo
metgrow1.pdf (46.2 k)

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another tryMetgrow logo

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John, explain the name: Metro what? Metro where? Metro why? As for the look its not threating, simple, fine for a mutual fund.

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I'd consider stacking it (METRO on top of the other words) rather than making it all one line.

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The 'metro' comes from the fact that these funds will invest in companies within a local 'metro' area, rather than regionally or nationally.
Another name considered was 'city growth funds', which has greater graphic potential (I think), but metro was deemed a better descriptor.

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My problem is Metro could be Chicago, it could be New York it could be Norwalk Connecticut or even Paris. It doesn't sound focused. I personally would try to tie it into your local metropolitian area. I guess I think its to vague.

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Posting the stacked version.
I prefer the inline version for business card.
Metro is deliberately generic because the idea is intended for many local investment areas around the country, not just one.

All suggestions appreciated re layout or body/headline type to accompany? Guess futura is the obvious choice, but seems to diminish the logo identity when I try it.
Many thanks.

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John did you look at Neutraface by House Industries. I think it might make the mark fresher and not so generic. Think about how the local branches or franchies can give a local idenity to Metro. No one wants to think they are anything but pampered to through investments. Otherwise why deal with a company and not direct invest?

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If you stack the words, like you show above, John, I would suggest a greater difference in weight between Metro and 'growth funds'. Right now they compete too much with each other.

Also, I would not go with Futura. I know it should communicate an urban sophistication, but it looks dated. Like it is 'retro' instread of METRO. Especailly, with the added light blue elements between letters, it has an art deco feel to me. Is that whay you want?

Also, I would try to work on making the second line the same length as the top line - maybe letterspace 'growth fund'?

Just some thoughts.

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Thanks for your interest.

Daniel and Mike, I read you loud and clear on the use of Futura. What I like about the shapes is the slant on the capital 'M',(And the appearance of reversal between 'M' and'W'), which I can't get from Neutraface. Any suggestions for another less hackneyed choice which gives me the slant?

Mike, for some reason, the second line works better for me with the 'G' centered under the 'M'. I've re-spaced it to meet this goal better. Seems like too much letterspacing otherwise. Maybe my relative point size isn't correct?

Again, many thanks.

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John its a logo. If you can make Neutraface work with Futura why not. Logos aren't typefaces expand your horizons

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I find the blue shapes distracting, and more distracting when stacked, as though it were a crossword clue with missing letters, maybe if you treated them more like a Mondrian you could use them to relate more to metro. I like Futura for this application but the N has always bothered me, it seems to extend above the ascender (and below the baseline) too much.

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I agree that there needs to be some more contrast between Metro and Growth Funds

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Herewith a try in DTL Documenta.
Lost my pointed 'M', picked up a quirky 'R'.

Tim - I didn't follow your Mondrian suggestion. Did you mean vary the colors, use letters as dividers, or what?

Thanks for your help.

dtl try

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I think that 'R' is a little too quirky for me. It's a stopping point. Maybe you could customize the leg.

I do like what you did with the positioning and size of the "Growth Funds".

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I was thinking of shapes, not colours, so that they didn't act as a dash or separator, I suppose this would amount to different rectangles or L shapes, I was thinking, rather literally, of an abstract image for local areas. Like that font.

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One little problem ... I keep wondering for what the letters M-E-T-R-O stands. Those points, while obviously more of a spacer or visual element are making it, for me, read as if it is an acronym.

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