Retaining Wall Systems

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Industry: Retaining Wall Systems
Market: Homeowners, Contractors, Engineers & Architects
Positioning: Retaining walls that eliminate erosion
Design Implications: Strong, Permanent, Reliable
Client: Student Project

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That logotype has some really interesting characteristics

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i can't see the pic :-(

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I can't see anything either. Did you post a CMYK image?

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Darrel- you were right. It was CMYK. Now its RGB. Thanks.


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That's strange, I was able to view it in CMYK.

In regard to my color related comments, I like the color I am seeing now in RGB better than what I saw in CMYK. The CMYK looked too dark, but this RGB looks more orangy than brown. Which is more accurate? I would suggest going with the lighter, more lively color, or if you do go darker, go with a richer color, as in rich soil (more red than yellow).


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What is the name of the company? 'zerosion' or 'z-erosion'. If it's the former, then I'd suggest making 'Zero' all black. If it's the latter, it looks good, though it seems to emphasize 'erosion' rather than the lack of it.

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Good point Darrel. Thats something I've been considering. The name of the company is Zerosion not Z-erosion. Here are my thoughts and concern about the possibilities:

Zerosion: Are people going to pronounce it correctly? I've heard someone say something like zerahscion.

Z-erosion: This empahasizes "erosion" too much for sure. I thought a compromise might be to leave out the dash and just change the color (like my posts above)

Zerosion: with "Zero" in one color and "sion" in the other. Here "Zero" reads well, but what does "sion" mean? And again, will it be pronounced correctly?

Later this evening I'll post the different possibilities and let you guys be the judge. I'll also work on the tagline and colors.

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Is this your name, or was it provided by the professor? I remember these projects in school...they'd give you an odd company name and you'd have to design a logo around it. One of ours was dietrim (diet trim? die trim?).

I can appreciate the challenge, but in hindsight, these were bigger branding issues than merely a logo...they realy needed a renaming. ;o)

Anyways, I digress.

Looking at the mark, you explicitly say 'zero erosion' below it. So I'm thinking that perhaps you just make the entire word one color. Maybe even lowercase the Z to de-emphasize 'erosion'.

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Scott- I changed the small text, Impact, to Arial Black Regular. I also changed the tagline "Zero Erosion" to "Retaining Wall Systems." The color is more accurate in RGB.

Darrel- The name "Zerosion" is one I came up with. Our professor gave us the word "zero" and we were supposed to come up with a company (by the way, I graduated May 2003 - just trying to brush up my work for my portfolio). I created a lowercase option and a couple color options.

4 Zerosion Options

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I like your new descriptor a lot better. I didn't think the title needed to explain itself in a tagline. The small type looks nicer, but you'd have to be willing to lose it on small applications

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I'm really liking the one-color versions. And, now that I see it, I think it looks fine (if not better) capitalized. You might be able to increase the size of the tagline, but I imagine that would mainly depend on the particular application.

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Ty, unless your fitious client spends a ton of money on promoting its name (IBM) make the new tagline a lot larger. This is a communication suggestion not a design suggestion. I'd suggest removing the letterspacing on the tagline and make it 1 1/2 times as long as Zerosion

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One of the problems with this project (as with most student projects) is that it doesn't have enough limitations. In the real world (like where I currently work), clients impose limitations that make creative design challenging.

Would anyone be interested in imposing some limitations? Become the imaginary client, the President and CEO. First person to volunteer, gets the job.

Volunteer Information:

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The thing with retaining walls is that it's largely a commodity product. As a consumer, I simply shopped around for the cheapest block of concrete that I felt looked OK. The logo (or even brand) had little to nothing to do with my decision.

Granted, I'm guessing their primary target would be other contractors. As such, you'd want to pitch the benefits of the product at them. 'erosion control' unfortunately, is a defacto feature of any retaining wall system, so that's not terribly unique.

Since this is a student project, I'd suggest doing the opposite. Come up with a nice logo that you like (I like this one), and then design the project brief around that to fit your particular solution. ;o)

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