Dover publications "On Growth and Form"

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What's the name of the body matter font of the 1941 Dover publ. print of D'Arcy Wentworth Thompsons "On Growth and Form"?

In combination with the strict page cramming layout of the book this font adds an airiness that makes this dense text look and be fluently readable.

I guess it's a classic, but what is the name of this font?

Partial page scan20.07 KB
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You get a similar feeling with the Computer Modern font which is widely used for mathematical typesetting. Here is a comparison:
Your scan:

Computer Modern:

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Century Expanded is close, but maybe not exact.

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Yes, Computer Modern looks very close. I remember that I really liked the font of LaTeX, and that was Computer Modern! Actually I think that I'll go for a LaTeX-trip when I write this essay ...

Thanks for your comments!

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