Missing Kerning in FontExplorer & Illustrator CS5 and InDesign CS5 Differences

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I downloaded Crimson, available here: http://aldusleaf.org/, and noticed strange absence of kerning. You can see a screenshot of my FontExplorer Pro (FXP) here: http://cl.ly/Csie

I contacted the maker of the font, and he ensures that those letters are kerned (also took a screenshot himself). So, I tried installing the font in my user folder, rather than FXP, and use it in different applications. Some show the proper kerning and some do not. Here is an example of Illustrator CS5 (top) and InDesign CS5 (bottom) showing differences in kerning: http://cl.ly/CtF5.

I'm on the latest OS X (Lion) and run a clean system. I tried emptying my font cache, restarting computer, doing all kinds of maintenance, and I can't seem to fix it. Any suggestions?

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(If anyone has suggestions, I'm right here and will try my best to help fix things.)

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