What is the maximum number of lookups allowed in a font?

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Is there a limit for lookup numbers in a font?
I am currently working on an Arabic Font in MS VOLT. My font consists of more than 4000 glyphs. Now a days I am working on the kerning of pairs. The number of Lookups in my font project has reached to 275 and now when I add another Lookup to this project then the compilation fails in VOLT. What could be its reason? The options to Use extension lookups and to Use Pair Position Format 2 are turned on in the VOLT.

If I add new kerning pairs to the present lookups even then the compilation fails. Till yet I have made a very large number of kerning pairs but as compared to the remaining pairs it is very little (I think more than three quarters of kerning is still remaining and also I have to add quite a number of lookups to finish the project. So what should I do to solve the issue?

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