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This is a logo I created for a new online biz of mine. Please let me know how you feel about its layout and personality. What do you feel when you look at the logo? Do you feel it has a relationship with something else other than photography? Is it readable? Does it have potential to be a popular logo? Thank you for your feedback!

Here is the link: http://picgenic.com/

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It’s a bit generic in it’s current state.
And you need to rework at least the "en" part.

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To me the logo looks a little dated; reminds me of some logos from a few decades ago. Don't know if others would react the same way or not.

And I find my eye drawn to the "en" (I agree with riccard0's comment) and to the dots on the two "i" characters (since they rise above everything else), but there's nothing very interesting about them as focal points. Perhaps creating something else as a focal point would help. A cap "P" maybe, or putting "Pic" in a different color or weight.


i don't mind the "font" at all... i don't mind the i dots... but purely because of the proceeding letters... i see a pig in the EN... the n doesn't have to overlap since none of the other letters actually overlap - fixing this will improve the logo 100%

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