Greek Caps in a Serif Text Face

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I'm one of the far too many non-Greeks trying to come up with a decent Greek text face.

I dislike latinization, and I also dislike the clash between Roman uppercase and Greek lowercase letters. After reading (Nick: Non-common Greek Caps), I sketched together some Greek caps in the same style as the lowercase.

Please take a look at the PDF.
Is it too exotic? Too informal? Does it ruin the relationship with the Roman entirely?

I just want to get an idea whether this is worth pursuing.

(If anyone wants to play with the font, I can upload that too.)

crimson_greek_caps.pdf19.21 KB
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Non Greek user here, but if your fear is of ruining the relationship with Roman, I think you aren’t. No more than any proper italic does, in any case.

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I don't have enough expertise in Greek to be helpful here,
but I certainly do appreciate seeing somebody try to break
the short-sighted copying of the Latin UC forms to the Greek.


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Wow. Looks like you put a great effort in the Greek. I don't know anything bout it, but, purely aesthatically, I like it. In the 'normal', the serif on top of stems (in /i n p r, etc.) could use a little more overshoot. It doesn't optically align with the shoulder/bowl currently. If you just raise it a couple units, the white space between the bowl and the top of the stem will also increase, which is good for legibility.


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Sorry to drift off topic, but be wary of the similarity between your typeface and Minion Pro. I prefer yours as it is, so you don't need to move away from Minion, but just keep it in mind. And what I said about the serifs on top of stems can be seen clearly in Minion. Compare the top of your /n/ and the top of Minion's /n/ and you'll see it.

Good luck!

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Thanks Jasper!

Out of the question, it turned into a very Minion-y typeface. And that wasn't even on purpose; I started out with something that looked almost like a Baskerville, started changing things around, and then later realized "oh, now it's Minion!"

You're absolutely right about the overshoots. I'll fix that.

Anyone mind commenting on the Greek caps, though? :-)

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- Delta seems a bit too heavy on the right.
- I would also give Kappa a bit more weight along its leg, especially nearing the bottom.
- Eta could be a little bit wider.

I know nothing about Greek though. Other than what I just mentioned I think they look amazing!

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