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The beauty of co-branding.


Every designer's nightmare...

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I designed a swooshy logo back in the last millenium. I was looking for it on the swoosh no more site, but no luck.

The name of the company alone should go into the hall of shame.

Swooshtastic! Frutigerrific!


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"Joseph Pemberton
A designer who cares"

I love this. I feel like I care too.

Lets take for example, a date I was recently on, with a nice young attractive girl. We went to a nice place -- with an outstanding wine selection I might add -- and after one glance at this menu, I am like "Wtf? fake small caps? Im suppose to pay $50+ per ala carte entree and I can even get a half way decent set menu?



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That's when you tell them that you're a graphic designer and that for several free meals you'll design them a better menu.

Point out of course, all the horrible things such as the faux small caps and such, and make it sound like it's the worst thing in the world.


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The only people who actually use smallcaps are other type designers.


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I'm not a type designer, but I use smallcaps. And other proper things when I get a chance, such as true ordinals and whatnot.

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Exceptions are commendable.


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Okay, is this X Games mark as bad as I think it is?

(Last year's mark, complete with globe head.)

(This year's mark, holding the head casually under the arm.)

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Dear Netflix,

An unsolicited reaction to your recent redesign.
My rating: 3.5 Stars

What's good:
_ You added MPAA ratings to the queue. Yay. (Now, please
add them to the other movie listings, and not just the
'detail' page.)

_ The help section is much more clear.

What's bad:
_ The search function is not on every page? Is this omission
an accident?!

_ You still haven't made an easy way for me to see my own
ratings. This is an excellent feature that is still buried in the
site (difficult to find).


_ The poorly compressed photos at the top of every page
are both bad stock photos and are compressed poorly.
Either get a phototography budget or lose them (please).

_ The chrome tabs are a nice touch, and I can live with the
soft buttons, but the curvy shapes should go--you're back
to 1999 here.

_ Futura? I know the logo is Futura-influenced, but the
pages use Futura and Arial (HTML) headers interchangably.
Ick. (Just stick to HTML.)

_ You didn't change the logo! Yay. The red and the logo are
the pillars of your corporate identity. Don't lose them as
you stray from MarchFirst's original design.

Love the service, looking forward to the next phase.


Joseph Pemberton
A designer who cares

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Okay, is this X Games mark as bad as I think it is?

oh, yes! depending on how nice you are, possibly more
so. I'm actually quite surprised this year's was made
worse. it seems that the dated trendiness of the former
is actually a few years ahead of the latter -- odd choice.

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