TrueType font troubles

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I made a small TrueType style-linked family of fonts (Rg, It, Bd, BdIt) which work fine on my Mac, but when i test it on Win, Italic is displayed as a Regular (in WordPad), or Italic in unavailable (in Word). I have tripple checked the naming, and all seems to be fine. I suppose it has somehting to do with the <head> information, and i see how macStyle has to be set. Where is windows styling set? is there a bit i can change?

Another problem i have with this family is inconsitant interlinear spacing. When i change the styles, the vertical lenght of the text changes, although the lineGap, ascend, and descent values are identical in all four fonts. Would anyone know what else can be a reason for such behaviour? I've spent a couple of nights trying to work it out, and i think i am at the limit on my own possibilities. Thanks for listening.

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Font styling on Windows is entirely name based. It is difficult to suggest what might be wrong without looking at the fonts. If you want to send me the fonts, Peter, I'll check them for you.

Regarding the interlinear spacing, see my recommended practices.

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Thank you John for your willingness to help. I have fixed the interlinear spacing issues, your post was most helpful. I'll get in touch with the other trouble.

Thanks to Tiffany as well!

Cheers, peter

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Thanks for sending the fonts, Peter. It took me a little while to spot the problem: the regular and italic fonts had different weight classes in the OS/2 table: the regular had 'Medium' weight (500) and the italic had 'Normal' weight (400). I set the regular font to 400 also, and the fonts work correctly.

Windows apparently won't recognise an italic variant if it has a different weight class from the roman.

I've sent you Font Validator reports on all four fonts, which you will want to review, as there are some minor bugs in other areas.

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Thank you very much John. P.

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No one has suggestions for Peter concerning his TrueType font problems?

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