18th & 19th Century Ornament

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Can anyone point me to a list of artists or a compendium that contains ornamentation similar to that in the attached image? I'm just curious as to the historical inspiration of this. It has some Spencerian influence, but it's still different. Also, do you think it's French, Italian? I'm doing a study on ornamentation and curious to find more ornament of this nature.



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This image as well.

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If you want more print examples, the Dover reprints of Clarence P. Hornung's collections of 19th Century type ornaments have pages of them, but no text. This excellent book on fancy type has some too but the text is more about the technical side of printing rather than the source of the styles.

As a calligraphic ornament, I'm sure somewhere on youtube there's at least one film of someone drawing these with a pen held in a very strange way, dragged with the hand palm-side up.

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That sounds like a start. Any other resources that someone might point me to? I'd still like to be able to classify this more if possible.

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