»bitte setzen!« Letterpress Specimen Book Released

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After three years it’s finally done:
The »Fliegenprobe« – probably one of the last letterpress specimens – was released in
a limited edition, consisting of two volumes and an accompanying box with large format prints.

The project was started under the appeal »bitte setzen!« in summer 2008 by Munich Designschool (www.designschule-muenchen.de) in collaboration with the letterpress printshop »Fliegenkopf« (www.fliegenkopf-muenchen.de). The ambitious goal was to create a specimen of the approximately 170 different typefaces of the workshop.

For photos and further information, take a look at this pdf:

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»bitte setzen!« is a german wordplay, kind of difficult to translate…
It means »take a seat« and »please set type« at the same time.

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Weird. I'm sure someone else said something, but when I say ls, all I see is Nick...

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Your message is exciting, but when I clicked this link,
I got an error!


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