Fette Deutsche Schrift by Robert Koch released

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Fette Deutsche Schrift also known as Koch-Fraktur or Kochschrift was created by Rudolf Koch for Klingspor foundry between 1908 and 1910. The basis of this font is a publication in the magazine "Das Plakat" of September 1921. The font contains swash capitals to use as dropcaps, contextual alternates, glyphs for line endings, ligatures, discretional ligatures for use in German, ornaments and other OpenType features. It supports all the European languages using Latin alphabets (including slashed S and slashed longs used in Latvian old orthography till 1930s).


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I’m confused—who is Robert Koch?

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ayyy, sorry, Rudolf. Perhaps misspelled because I was not acquainted with him personally...

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My compliments. A worthy release and, as far as I can see, very well done.

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