Logotype for a "telecommunication" brand for 3g networks & more :)

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First Iteration,

This is the first try-out for the brand communication of "yello", ....bright & warm :)
The idea is to portray the word as a single syllable rather than a color (metaphorically ie)
The target audience is "middle-class .. mobile device users aged from 18 onwards", The usp
of this brand is to celebrate one of the oldest & the most used art-form known to man: Speech.

Please do review the two variations

PS: this might be insensitive to the minorities ( the mute ), .but I'll be considering them too once the first bit kicks off, ..

thanks in adavnce

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I think you got the feeling in it, it just needs refinement. The 2nd Looks very friendly and warm. The sharp bit on the y on the first logo doesn't fit in with the friendliness of the rest.

In both versions the y is far too wide. The o looks a bit slanted to the right. 'Bright & warm' needs a different typeface and a larger size. A simple, clean typeface, with an open ampersand. The tails on the two l's could be a bit larger/longer IMO.


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Can't say this is much of a logo. I kind of like where you were headed on the talk bubble corner of the "y" in the first version. Have you tried applying this to the "O"? Or maybe putting the entire word inside of a speech bubble?

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The two els are too rigid compared to the other letters.

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I agree with riccardo. I'd say give them an ever so slightly bend to the right and chop the tops off at an angle. Or something like that :-)

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Mr is right, what the logo needs to pull it together is an encapsulating graphic, the speech bubble idea would work well.

Even thought the the font style is right it just needs refining.

Be careful with the y at the beginning of the word, as the descender tends to move your eye away from the word. In this case an upper case y could work better, Try moving lifting the letter up and reforming the stroke junction back down closer to the baseline.

I agree with the comments about the l's, try clipping the tops slightly as they do tend to break up the word.

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