Current best practice for glyph naming Cyrillic?

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I currently have my Cyrillic glyphs named with the "afii postscript" naming. I have noticed online that using the unicode name [unixxxx] may be the way to go now. What is the best practice to follow and what has changed recently?



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Thanks, Nick! I must have slept through that thread ;-)

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I sleep through most threads...

What have you decided to go with? afii or uni?

I am using afii in my latest font but that's because there's a whole lot of OpenType re-encoding implications to changing a batch of glyph names and there are already not enough hours in the day.

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Nick, To sleep, a chance to dream :-)
I think I am going with the Opentype names.

If you have coding to fix, either search and replace the painful one glyph at a time way and check the box "update name in Opentype features" Or just save your .fea file and search and replace afii names with uni names. Then, reimport the updated. fea file.

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