1991 typefaces

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Apart from Century Gothic, could anyone name some typefaces created in 1991 please?
Serif or San-serif.

Thanks in advance.

(is this the right section to post in?)

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Thanks for the help :)

...but, I was thinking maybe more of the obvious ones like Futura, Garamond, Trade Gothic, Rockwell etc please

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Actually, scrap the previous post question, could someone just tell me what typeface Ministry of Sound have used on their poster in 1991, please.

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Is it Times?

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It looks to me like Times, mostly bold

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I think it may be haha, seems kind of obvious now you mentioned it. Cheers.

The apostrophes are definitely not Times though, not really fussed about them though to be honest.

Thanks, I'm happy.

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Because they're prime signs -' "-, not apostrophes.

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I meant the one on DJ's but yeah you're still correct for the others. (almost forgot about about the grammar police)

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Not police, more like tough-love parents. :-)


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I think it’s the first time I notice that Time’s J gains a descender when bold.

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